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See how Styria is located in the heart of the continent and on the treshold to the Eastern European markets. View the network of scheduled flights to and from Graz and see how Styria is connected to European business hotspots. Look up railway lines, near ports and European capitals.
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Styria makes half of its turnover abroad: With an annual export growth of more than 44 %, Styria has a proven track record in Europe. The leading companies in Styria’s core sectors in particular, have long since recognised Europe and the world as their market. Strong performing fields include mobility, life sciences and green tech.

In 2017, the province generated more than €21 billion through export trade, an 11.6 percent increase over 2016 (€19.3 billion). Every second job depends directly on the export success. The most important export trade partners are Germany, the US and Italy followed by China, the UK, France and Switzerland. The most commonly exported goods include automobiles and motorbikes (or parts), railroad tracks, high-tech components, iron & steel, lumber & paper, optical devices, measuring instruments as well as wine and pumpkin seed oil.

ICS - The Export Service Organisation of the Styrian Economy


The Styrian Business Development Agency (SFG) operates 14 impulse centres located around the province. Applying to innovation, knowledge and technology-oriented young entrepreneurs, the centres aim to support the creation and growth of new enterprises. The local concentration of companies creates synergy. Services include specialist advice, cooperation and networking, education and training as well as tailor-made business infrastructure. In 2017, the centres hosted 240 companies and almost 2,500 employees, occupying more than 81,000 square metres working space. With 96% occupancy, the capacity utilisation continues to be high.

Styrian impulse centres and their focus:

Auersbach: food technology
Bruck an der Mur: production-related services
Fehring: innovative construction technology
Grambach: marketing, product design, human technology,
Smart Business Center: smart services
Lebring: IT, automation, food technology
Leoben – IZR: raw material technology
Leoben – IZW: material technology
Liezen: plant construction, electrical engineering, start-up centre
Mureck: product development, production
Niklasdorf: material technology, surface technology
Radkersburg: cross-border services
Zeltweg: timber
ZWT: life sciences




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