Why use as a Gateway to New Markets?

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Styria is situated in the heart of the continent and with close proximity to the developing markets of South East Europe with a total of 20 million people. The province is closely connected to European business hotspots. Get an overview of relevant railway connections, relevant ports and flights to major European trading centres... more


We are committed to forging links between Styria and the rest of Europe and beyond. Styria takes an active part in the world’s largest support network for small and medium-sized enterprises (Enterprise Europe Network), as well as in Horizon 2020, which is the biggest EU Research and Innovation programme ever... more


The leading companies in Styria’s core sectors in particular, have long since recognised Europe and the world as their market. With an annual export growth of more than 44 %, Styria has a proven track record in Europe. Strong performing fields include mobility, life sciences and green tech... more